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Loudermilk Construction can advise you on the best layout for your bathroom and even help you decide on entire designs to help create your ultimate bathroom experience! We only use top brands in our work and always take the time to do even the smallest task correctly with minimal interruption to your home environment. Why wait? Give us a call today!
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Start your morning off right in your dream bathroom. Bathrooms are a special place, a comfort zone for some, and a status symbol for others. Almost universally, people want their bathrooms designed to maximize space to the fullest and provide beauty to your home. It can be as simple as new cabinets, countertops, or updating your shower - to tearing everything out - down to the studs and starting from scratch. 

That's what we do at Loudermilk Construction, “your full-service contractor, from design to completion".  

5 Great Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

-1- Family Needs -
As families evolve over time the function of the bathroom does as well. A growing family may find that adding a master bathroom could shorten the morning line-up outside the bathroom door. Empty nesters may find that a stand up shower suits their needs better than a tub. In short, it makes perfect sense to remodel bathrooms to meet the changing needs of the homeowners.
-2- Fix Existing Problems -
Broken tiles, loose handrails, cabinets that are falling to pieces and leaky plumbing can lead to many problems in the bathroom. Mold will thrive in a warm moist environment–on walls, ceilings, grout and caulk joints. In addition to creating a potential health hazard, mold damage behind the walls can go unnoticed and compromise the integrity of the structure. Renovating the bathroom utilizing proper construction techniques and innovative building materials will create a bathroom that controls moisture, resists mold and stands the test of time.
-3- Limited Space -
If the bathroom is cramped, you can remodel to solve the problem. Utilize existing space by rethinking cabinetry, and placement of the shower and sink. Custom tubs and steam showers are popular additions and can be soothing relaxing. You can also create a larger, more open space by expanding the foot space into a closet or adjacent unused space. 
-4- Water Efficiency -
The options for water efficient fixtures have improved greatly. A water efficient toilet, or a low flow shower head that actually increases pressure, are great ways to cut monthly water consumption without sacrificing style or comfort.

-5- Just Plain Outdated -
Let’s face it, that avocado green toilet is an eyesore you have been living with long enough. Let your imagination combined with Custom Craft Contractors skill and experience create your dream bathroom all while adding to your home’s value.
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​"Intelligent designs, competitive pricing and an exceptional finished job that will stand the test of time."
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