Questions to Consider

  • Is my kitchen outdated? Just a minor kitchen remodel could increase my home value and a major kitchen remodeling job could return up to 90% of my investment at resale. 
  • How many people use my kitchen? This can help determine what your actual work area is in your kitchen. 
  • What is in my work space triangle? All the space between the refrigerator, cooking area and the main sink. The larger the space the better! 
  • Is there more then one cook in the kitchen? Consider extra counter space and cabinets. 
  • How often do I entertain guests in my home? This may open up the idea having your kitchen and living room being one big giant room. 
  • What else do you do in your kitchen? Are there any desks, wet bars, computers, televisions, radios, other modern appliances? 
  • Is there anyone living in your home with special needs? Do you need to build any wide entry ways of short-tall cabinets? 
  • What costs the most if I decide to remodel my kitchen? The answer is usually Cabinets. In most kitchen remodeling projects cabinets can be half your budget. You may have a choice, you can either refinish your existing cabinets or get new ones. 
  • How fancy do I want to go? Counter-tops can range from granite and marble to less expensive Corian and laminates. Appliance replacement can get be pricey, and flooring costs vary greatly depending on quality. 

From demolition to replacing kitchen walls, replacing plumbing and light fixtures, and literally thousands of hours installing new electrical appliances and wiring, Loudermilk Construction has over twenty five years of experience remodeling kitchens.

We also replace and/or install windows, skylights, sun tunnels, and more! Creative design concepts and expert construction is what separates Loudermilk Construction from other Solano and Contra Costa county home construction contractors. Bob Loudermilk, company owner, will work with you to help you make the most of remodeling or new kitchen budget.
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Kitchens have often been referred to as "the Soul of The House." Dating back to the Stone Age, the kitchen has been a central social gathering place for family and friends. Now, kitchens are also a popular option for business meetings, large gatherings and even sometimes ceremonies! Kitchen islands with a sink and larger preparation surface where you prepare, preserve, compost food and recycling are must-haves. Big work areas and sinks for preserving. Range hoods and cupboard doors are beautiful and functional, and can be customized with panels. Eco-friendly flooring options made of reclaimed wood or tile and organic shapes free from straight lines or sharp corners are popular options. Wine storage and entertaining areas within the kitchen are big trends, especially in Napa Valley. 
Loudermilk Construction uses only top of the line brands and products and they take the time to do even the most remedial tasks with the utmost care. 

"For us," says owner Bob Loudermilk, "...going the extra mile isn't the exception, it's the rule."
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Loudermilk Construction is proud member of the National Association of Remodeling Industry, Lead Accredited Professionals, National Association of Home Builders, Home Builders' Association and Western Builders' Association.
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​"Intelligent designs, competitive pricing and an exceptional finished job that will stand the test of time."
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